Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yellow Flowers

 Hello everyone - I'm just stopping by in the middle of a busy Sunday, to post some new pictures...of a new picture. This is a print I recently ordered from Vanessa at Do You Mind If I Knit - a blog you probably all know and love as much as I do! As soon as I first saw Vanessa's work it 'spoke' to me - I loved looking at it, at her unique style and colour sense.
The print I chose is called Yellow Rose and Greys - I love the painted containers that hold the flowers...I love the flowers themselves and the soft grey background colours...
The print was wrapped so beautifully, in dotty tissue, with green stripy string and a delicious little card.

I stood the print up to admire in my sewing room - Lovely! Gorgeous!- and then I took it to the framers and was without it for a little while. I found a new interest in the colour yellow and began stitching a sewing set using this gorgeous yellow Lecien floral fabric....
 I'm still making this little set and will show you the whole thing when it's finished. And here is the Yellow Rose and Greys picture, back from the framers. I photographed it like this because of the reflections making it difficult to see otherwise, but it will be hanging on the pale yellow wall in the (dining) sewing room...You can find Vanessa's beautiful pictures and exciting new paper mache creations at her etsy shop here.
I hope you enjoyed  seeing the real and the painted yellow flowers here today! I've liked looking at the bright fabrics I'm working with at the moment because it's rather bleak outside....But a bright work lamp, some printed cottons and embroidery threads, yellow flowers and the new picture soon chase the gloom away! Now I must go and put some food in the aga as the family are coming here for a meal on their way home from the zoo!!! Hope you have had a happy weekend so far. Thank you for dropping by and for all your sweet comments. Back very soon xxx


Jane said...

OOooooh Helen, yellow is just one of my favourite spring colours...I love it and perhaps it's because my favourite flower is the humble daffodil. Lovely yellows in your post to cheer up this afternoon.Your print is beautiful; Vanessa is very talented, I shall take a look at her work. Our early sunshine has gone and it is now quite dreary but your colour has brightened things up!
Enjoy your meal with your family.
Jane x

Bonzogirl said...

Very fresh and uplifting!!
I saw you yesterday???? curious???
I bought Crafts Beautiful for the first time..And there were 3 people I knew!!I was GOBSMACKED!and tickled pink..thinking I speak to these people in blogland and know one in person!!Have a good sunday evening and fruitful creative week!!
Cheers Jeannette

Simone said...

Vanessa does paint some lovely things as well as being an excellent childs book illustrator. I do love the combination of yellow with grey. I have mottled yellow walls in my dining room and they do give everything a golden glow. Thanks for another cheery and uplifting post. They do brighten my day! x

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Helen, what a lovely bright cheery post! The picture is beautiful and I love the gorgeous yellow fabric that you have used for the little sewing set.. enjoy the rest of your weekend with the family! Sarah x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely yellow post, just what's needed on a dull day!!
Vanessa's paintings are beautiful! :)
Have a lovely family evening. :)
Vivienne x

*❀* said...

hello my lovely

your little cushions are the sweetest ♥

i do love Vanessa's work very much and am the proud owner of one of her paintings. your print is gorgeous! i love her new series and her papier mache work is out-of-this-world, absolutely brilliant.

i have a little award for you on my blog, which i think you so much deserve.
don't worry if you don't do the award thing, i'll understand. just wanted to mention how much i love your lovely blog

warmest hugs xxx


Crafts @ Home said...

Another beautiful post, I love Vanessa's work, which is new to me, I can see why you were tempted...

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

A lovely post as always! I just recently discovered Vanessa's work and it's beautiful! I love your yellow piece! This post cheered me up, thank you so much!

Happy and sunny week to you!


do you mind if i knit said...

Hello Helen, your print is framed BEAUTIFULLY! And what nice things you say about my work, I have to say a great big thank you for your tremendous generosity. I've been admiring that Lecien fabric, and even just gone on a little hunt to see where I can buy some, it's gorgeous isn't it! Thank you so much again for your lovely words. Love Vanessa xxx

Coco Rose Diaries said...

What a beautiful print! Vanessa's work is truly beautiful. Her colours really do lift the soul!

I too, seem to have developed a new found love for yellow. It seems to be just the thing for this dull grey month. The yellow fabric is beautiful!

Happy days!

Vanessa x

Teje said...

Hi Helen! Your new painting is beautiful! I love also Vanessa's works!
Your yellow post today is so happy! I think yellow is the colour for this time before the spring!
I'm waiting to see your new sewings!
xxx Teje

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, Ohmydear, yellow it's so nice to see, bright and cheery. Love the pringg and how it's framed just love pure white and your new little pillow pincushions. Can't wait to see this one.

Blessings and Happiness, Hugs, Dani

Naturally Carol said...

I love the yellow Lecien fabric you've chosen...Flower Sugar? In the yellow it's very special. The way you've made a little three dimensional vignette from the picture is wonderful...really accentuates the beauty of the picture's elements too. By the internet connection has been playing up since Saturday off and on...only had ten mins yesterday in which I posted a pre edited piece then it went off until just now. I've spent a few hours consulting Telstra!

inmykitchen said...

Hello Helen it's nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind comment about my sold embroidery.
I love Vanessa's paintings she uses such beautiful tones, your yellow fabric complements the print.
Jo x

LissyLou said...

ooo love everything - how sunny!!!

Barbara said...

Yellow is such a magical color isn't it?
and how wonderful to have one of Vanessa's watercolors in your home! Enjoy ...