Monday, 10 January 2011

Spring Sewing

 Hello and Happy Monday to everyone who visits me here! Here are some examples of how I sew up the scraps left over from my book projects - I can't keep using the same fabrics in different projects so once they've appeared in print I have to move on to something new... well, it's a good excuse to keep adding to the stash, isn't it??
I sewed the simple cubes in pretty colours and I think little Daisy Dot might enjoy playing with them. These soft cubes are such an old toy idea, something most babies of the past would be familiar with! A little bell inside makes them more fun to throw about too....
 A few weeks ago, when I was getting the top floor of this old house ready for visitors, I came across the little pile of Beatrix Potter books that had belonged to my daughters - and suddenly I had to stop the bed making and dusting and sit down for a little look! The books are very worn because they were read and re read - partly because the girls loved them and partly because I did too. I still appreciate the beautiful illustrations, soft but bright watercolours and so evocative of nursery days.
 I had to take a bit more time to find one of my old favourites - the sewing mouse from the Tailor of Gloucester - yep, I still love it! I remember reading that Beatrix Potter actually studied the historic brocades in the V&A to create the illustrations, which is why they are so lifelike....
And today's flowers are a bunch of candy pink tulips in the lovely blue jug my mother gave me a couple of years ago - I use it for all kinds of things but it is wonderful to plonk a bunch of tulips in, especially when they are rather unruly and won't stand up properly!
Wishing you all a wonderful week - I hope you have a lot of sunshine and a little feeling of spring! xxx


Anonymous said...

Well there's definitely a spring feeling to your blog today Helen and I love it! Spring is my favourite season, I love Easter time and I adore Beatrix Potter!! My favourites are Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, I love their naughty boyish ways. :)
I think your little granddaughter will love her new blocks, they're so pretty!
Vivienne x

Rubyred said...

Oh those little blocks are so cute! I bet Daisy will love them! I do love traditional nursery toys and books!
Those pretty tulips are very springlike!
Have a lovely day!
Rachel x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Tulips do have a way about them, but I love them all droopy.

Love your Spring sewing,

Nina xxx

Jane said...

Hi Helen, my daughter (now 24) was bought the whole collection of B.Potter's for her christening and my husband and I have fond memories of her choosing one each night for us to read....mind you one of her faves was Jeremy Fisher, she never got bored hearing the same story!! Lovely bright photos, thanks for the sunshine,
Jane x

Simone said...

I am sure my cat Gizmo would love those soft cubes too with the little bell inside! My first Beatrix Potter book was the Tailor of Gloucester! The tulips, vase and table cloth all make such a pleasing composition. Thank you for such a lovely post Helen. x

*❀* said...

oh this is a very pretty blog!
how glad i am to have landed here :o)
i love the colourful playcubes and just about everything else here. what is there not to love? yes, it is right up my street and i know i shall be visiting often. infact, i will be eagerly awaiting your posts.. i am now following.

thank you so much for your comment on mine. it is very lovely indeed meeting you.

wishing you a wonderful week xxx


Andrea said...

Happy Monday to you too Helen,
I love the litle blocks you have made, lovely! My most favoutite flowers are tulips.
Andrea x

Teje said...

Dear Helen, thank you for beautiful tulips, my favorite!
Those cubes you have made with so lovely fabrics are play or perhaps for decoration if there isn't anyone to play!
Could you show sometime that adorable quilt you have with those sweet books!
xxx Teje
Ps. I collect jugs and yours is just so beautiful!

periwinkle said...

We love Beatrix Potter too .. I've just managed to get hold of some knitting patterns for some of the characters so think I'll be trying my hand at those this year - fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

A good day to you to Helen. I absolutely am smitten with your photographs and in aw of your talent. I too have old Beatrix Potter books and the movie simply adore them. Your blog is so bright and always beautiful.

Hugs, Dani

Naturally Carol said...

So pretty today! My youngest son used to particularly love Beatrix Potter books...and I loved the movie. Thank you for images that just bring peace to my heart and soul today.

susanhal said...

Hi Helen, how nice to find you have a blog and such a gorgeous one too. Why on earth didn't I think to look for it before ? iv'e been stitching your stuff for years and have all your books, and now a whole blog to mine!
I'm off now to read it from the beginning.
Love the tulips I just bought a big bunch of those pink ones in Morrisons this morning.
Love Susan Hall

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

I can't stop admiring your beautiful pictures! They make a whole screen full of spring and sunshine, and I love it!

The cubes are adorable, I love your choices of fabric!

Happy day!


Sewmancer said...

The cubes are such a good idea! Scraps of fabric, here I come!

Barbara said...

Hello for the new year, Helen! I just love your fabric blocks, there is someone at the market I go to who's making wooden ones with nostalgic pictures (sort of decoupage with a flat finish)
We too have lovingly kept our precious BP books ... Timmy Tiptoes and Jeremy Fisher are special favorites, little books for little hands. Barbara x