Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sew Colourful

Good morning! It's a bright sunny day here in my studio - a very cheery start to my new working year! (And it's also time for a splash of colour, as inspired by silverpebble here.) A couple of months ago my sewing machine broke and was pronounced unfixable - so I ordered a new one as I needed it quickly for a work project. It arrived the next day - complete with some wonderful free gifts - boxes and boxes of free sewing cotton reels! I feel as if I have my own shop now! They do look beautiful and colourful, don't they?
 I love having sewing things around me and the decorative qualities often make their way into my work too.
 Like this sewing themed project featured in January 2011 Crafts Beautiful magazine - this page shows a card for a stitchy friend. The small cross stitch cotton reel is fixed by a length of embroidery thread and swings about, and the larger cotton reel tag can be used as a gift tag on all sorts of  presents.
This tiny sewing sampler hangs from a wire heart hanger (you can get these from Debbie Cripps here), and I used little twists of selvedge as ribbon to tie it with.
I thought you might be wondering who the little creature is that suddenly appeared the other day at the top of the side bar here - so here she is again - it's a little doll, or study buddy, from my Cross Stitch Keepsakes book. I call her Maudie.
I've just begun my next new magazine project which of course I have to keep very quiet about for now...I'll be using my new sewing machine...and also doing some quiet and peaceful hand sewing (which I like best)....getting back to normal....enjoying the quiet creativity again.
I hope you are having a sunny and cheerful start to this new year and look forward to sharing lots of creative blogging times with you all. Have a lovely week xxx


Crafts @ Home said...

I love the look of all those new cottons, very inspiring!

Teje said...

Hello Helen! That colourful photo of those beautiful threads gave me a big smile! It's so nice to work when having around so nice things as well as you sweet buddy!
Would you like to share what sewing machine you bought, because I'm perhaps having a new one soon!
I'm so exited to begin this new year with you and all our blog friends!
Best wishes Teje

silverpebble said...

Oh how I love the images of your cotton reels - those colours are making me very happy right now


Anonymous said...

You are clever Helen, such beautiful creations!
Your cotton reels are just the Splash of Colour I need here this very grey and dull morning.
I too am looking forward to a lovely bright and shiny new blogging year! :)
Vivienne x

Naturally Carol said...

Whoever put all those glorious bright colours together was inspired...they probably didn't know that all of us around the world would just appreciate their colourfulness so much at this moment! Isn't it wonderful how one person's inspiration can touch so many...like yours for instance in all those magazines!

do you mind if i knit said...

Ooooohhhh! Those reels of thread! GORGEOUS colours! And isn't Maudie sweet. Happy New Year Helen! Love Vanessa xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh wow, I have that magazine and was coveting those cross stitch patterns, I will be sewing up one soon and popping it on my blog me thinks :-)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh and wow to those cotton reels, what sewing machine did you go for in the end?

Marigold Jam said...

Lovely bright colourful threads. Lucky you to have some sunshine - it is grey and dismal here today. Hope the new sewing machine is all you hoped for and will look forward to seeing the new project once it is published.

PS Love the sweet peas in your side bar above Blogs I like - a real breath of summer.


Jane said...

Hi Helen, what a lovely splash of colour to brighten up what has been mostly a grey day here. I am missing the sun at the moment,it seems ages since we had a bright sunny day. There are some very creative projects in your post today, my fav is that tiny sampler-beautiful! Looking forward to more of your clever crafting.
Jane x

Simone said...

You are very clever and talented Helen. Your warmth and enthusiasm for your craft jumps out of the screen. I may have to buy CB now just so I can see your projects in close up! x

Anonymous said...

Oh yum! ;)

Julia said...

Hello Helen

Those new cottons are swoonsome, so rich and colourful, I love to see things like that, they make me very happy!
The magazine feature is great, love the little cotton reel hanging there, it's a nice touch.
Looking forward to following your delicious blog in 2011, so glad we have met through blogland.

Sending love
Julia x x x

Andrea said...

Hello Helen,
I have just found your blog, I love the work you do for Crafts Beautiful. I also do work for them, how lovely to find a fellow designer!
A really lovely splash of colour on your blog and a really lovely project.
Andrea x

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, Absolutely a blooming lovely splash of spring colors. Maudie is so sweet. Thank you for wishing us a sunny, cheerful start to a new year, as I wish the same for you.

Hugs, Dani

Crafts @ Home said...

I have just seen your work in another magazine....a Crafts special by woman (I think)