Saturday, 15 January 2011

Little Quilt

 Hello!  I'm showing you this little doll's quilt today, made from some bright fresh printed cotton fabrics and lots of white too - a combination that I love as the white squares can have added decoration without looking too busy.
I chose the prettiest prints I could find in my stash and some of the nursery ones that  fitted in well with the doll's theme. On some of the plain squares I added applique hearts, and on some I cross stitched little motifs or words using waste canvas. When the quilt was finished I sewed on some pretty buttons here and there.
I loved this litle birdie print for the back - I used the blue colourway in the end though the pink is lovely too.
 If you like this little quilt you can find the whole project  with step by step instructions and the cross stitch charts in the new February 2011 Crafts Beautiful magazine, which is full of other inspiring projects too.
Today's flowers are the now fully flowering hyacinths-in-the-trug....they grew so big and beautiful and there were so many bulbs in the little container that we didn't even miss the one that accidentally got broken off!  The scent of these delicious flowers and the gorgeousness of the perfect fondant coloured petals have brought me so much pleasure over the last couple of weeks .... hope I get hyacinths next year too...
It's very windy here today, though milder, and we are planning to go for a walk soon. I had a look round the garden to see if there were any snowdrops out yet, but not a one so far! Maybe I'll find some on our woodland walk in a sheltered place? Thank you so much for visiting me here today. Wishing you a lovely, relaxing almost spring-y weekend. xxx


Anonymous said...

That is so pretty Helen!
You're one talented lady! :)
Enjoy your weekend,
Vivienne x

Pipany said...

Oh those hyacinths are gorgeous. I can almost smell them from here Helen. My craving when I was pregnant with Isabella was the scent of spring and I would march across a huge department store in the middle of winter to search out the perfume of hyacinths! x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

The little quilt is so cute, pretty and I want to make one. Although I always want to make everything you creat. You have an amazing nack for lovely small detailed sewing creations. I'm a huge fan of miniature items, from baskets to dolls to anything really. AND the hyacinth is beautiful. I picked up mini daffy's, my last shopping to bring a little Spring the earthy smell. Take care and loved all your handy work.
Have a cosy weekend. We are 2.6 degrees here in Vermont. xoRobin❤

Simone said...

The quilt is so beautifully made. I have never attempted quilt making and a small one like this would be a good one to start with. I like all the added detail of the cross-stitch, applique abd buttons! It is really windy here too - the hens feathers are getting blown in the opposite directions! x

Crafts @ Home said...

Beautiful quilt, and I love the hyacinths :)

*❀* said...

i really love the little quilt
it's so pretty!
and the hyacinths are lovely too, i do love the sight and scent of spring flowers.

wishing you a very lovely weeekend too xxx


*❀* said...

p.s. i've just realised i'm on your list..thank you so much! :o)

harmony and rosie said...

It all looks very spring-like in your post today. Your quilt is absolutely lovely. We have hyacinths growing in a mossy basket left over from Christmas 2009, they're even starting to show some colour but we haven't watered them at all! Have a lovely weekend too.

Sewmancer said...

Great colours - I love how they look bright and airy but comforting too!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I came to you via my lovely and longstanding friend, Pipany. I do wish I had had the sense to make my first attempt at quilting a doll's quilt. Yours is beautiful. For reasons which seemed quite sensible at the time but now are quite opaque, I am trying to make a kingsize quilt for my first attempt. I am a fool.

Teje said...

Hi Helen! This small quilt is so wonderful! You are so talented and make always lovely small details to your fantastic crafts! I love the colours you use and today the quilt and adorable hyacinths are perfect match! Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

Jane said...

That is a really beautiful little quilt Helen, so good to see it in print too! My inside daffs have finally flowered and these spring flowers are so good for the gap between Christmas and seeing some colour in the garden.
Have a good Sunday, the sun is finally shining here today,hope it does for you.
Jane x

...Nina Nixon... said...

It's so tiny and cute and I love the teeny little stitches.

Nina xxx

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Helen, I love this little quilt the colours are gorgeous and go so well together. It's so nice to see some flower pictures, Spring must be on its way! We normally have snowdrops in our garden too but I haven't seen any yet. Hopefully will soon though! Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, I just saw you left a comment on my post. Please let me know your address by emailing me so I can post it Monday.

I would have seen it sooner unfortunately I just got out of the hospital.

Hugs, Dani

Wendy said...

Hello, for some reason I stopped getting updates so every time I checked your blog I got the 31st December post. Having thought it seemed odd I went all the way to the bottom and clicked home. Lo and behold lots and lots of lovely pictures for me to see! I have some old Beatrix Potter books that look exactly like that too. x

salty pebble said...

oh helem, such an eye catching beautiful blog you have its always so bright and beautiful x

i love the quilt and heart details soooo sweet!, wonderful!!!!

Ive have just bought some Hyacinths in pots and i'm going to put them in the window ;0)x

bellaboo said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed your walk and found some snowdrops.
I've noticed a few little bulbs peeping through in our garden. :0)

Mia said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your blog is so full of spring, Helen, I love it!

My hyacinths have long gone, I can almost smell your still :)

Have a wonderful day!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love yellow, it's so cheery.
Believe it or not, I have exactly the same little plants on my table!
Have a happy Monday xx

Jen said...

This is super cute!!! I love it! Thanks for stopping by!