Saturday, 14 August 2010

This Old House

Our house is old - built in the 1870's - and has had many renovations over its lifetime, including some by us. People before us saved it from falling into complete dilapidation by sorting out the basics for which we're very grateful.

Some of the features have been left as they were originally and I like that sense of history you get when you can imagine people from maybe a hundred years ago moving around this space, running their hand down the banisters or opening a door in the dark cellar using that very same latch.

Most of the ceiling mouldings here are quite restrained, for the Victorian era, but there are two rather decorative ones tucked away on a turn in the stairs where hardly anyone notices them.

Old doors, old key holes, long lost keys somewhere.

Well, it wouldn't be a Victorian house without one of these, would it?! It's really quite a hard worn floor now and it doesn't usually gleam like this but the tiles are still damp from a recent mopping!
So, those are just a few pictures of the some of the old bits of this old house, and I'll post a few more another time.
Hope you're having a great weekend. x

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barbara said...

Hello Helen! Lovely to meet you through our blogs ... it's amazing how similar our homes are on opposite sides of the world, we've been told ours was built sometime between 1860 -1880 - one of our ceiling moldings in the hallway is called Prince of Wales feathers, must climb up on the ladder one day to take a photo ... Will finish now as work calls
ps Your knitting is adorable!