Monday, 9 August 2010

Seaside Knitting

Last week I had a very nice break from my usual routine, and part of the time I indulged in a lot of knitting. I was making the Frankie boyfriend cardigan from Breeze by Kim Hargreaves. It was quite addictive to knit and I had to be prised away from it to go out at night to eat, drink and meet up with various friends - and not talk about knitting and crafts all the time!

I bought this knitting card at the V&A shop earlier this year, for a friend whose birthday was last week. She's a great knitter and I felt sure she'd love it - which she did. Her present was a box of wool!

And look at this - could it be the tiniest wool shop ever? Right by the sea at Moelfre, looking over the beautiful bay and pebbly beach. I discovered Helen's shop last year and was magnetised to it by the sight of wool in the window. It may be tiny but it is absolutely stuffed full of gorgeous wool, patterns and buttons. The perfect work/life balance for some - a wool shop by the sea?

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