Tuesday, 17 August 2010

It's a Crafty Life

There's a lot of crafting going on in my house at the moment, though I can't show it yet. I'm working on projects that will one day be published so for now I have to keep quiet about them!

The studio is awash with embellishments, scrapbook materials, ribbons and bows, card, paper, paints and pens.

The crafty activity has spread to the dining room where machine sewing takes place and the second iron and ironing board are set up (ever since an incident when the first iron got some left- over bondaweb on a shirt, I keep craft and home ironing separate). And there are jars of beads and boxes of buttons on a shelf in the dining room now, and rather a lot of craft books have gravitated there too (it's a sunny room - I like to read there sometimes).

I really need to tidy up my studio and put everything away again. I find that when I'm in the middle of projects I just can't tidy stuff away, but usually I do at the end of them. Not so this summer - everything is left out and accumulating and I need to spend some time getting organised again.

But for now, it's back to making something new and the exciting creative process beginning again - if I could just find those blue-handled scissors....

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Attic24 said...

Hey Helen...what a GORGEOUS bloglett you have here!!!! oo so lovely to visit with you, I'm wondering how come I haven't found you sooner.
I just swoooned over your beautiful little seaside stitchery, love it very much!!
Will be back again, I feel right at home in your little patch
Love to you