Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Red and White

One of my all time favourite colour combinations - red and white appear together all around my house - often by chance - and in my work. Here are a few:

Pages from the August 2010 Issue of Cross Stitch Collection featuring an extract from my Home Sweet Home book - this is La Maison Rouge, a vintage French-inspired red and white home sampler, stitched on pure white linen.

A pile of cosy cushions - the top one was a project for Crafts Beautiful magazine earlier this year - it has the words Home Sweet Home stamped onto a little label and sewn on.

Of course the retro 50's look has a lot to do with the appearance of red and white spotted items everywhere, especially thanks to the delights produced by Cath Kidston - I'm nowhere near tired of them yet, are you?? I love my cheery tea towels, mugs and my spotty tablecloth in the studio.

I could go on - there are still more r&w things here... but I'll stop now as I want to do some knitting tonight - which is not red and white but a soft grey! x


Wendy said...

Hello! Your blog is so beautiful, I found it through a comment you left for Attic24. Such lovely photos! I mostly knit but Lucy in the Attic got me all inspired to get out my crochet hooks and I have a feeling that you will inspire me to start cutting out hexagons and get patchworking again. And yes, I LOVE lavender and when I saw the wool shop by the sea... I think it may be heaven?! Wendy x

Attic24 said...

Beautiful post, and nope, I'm not tired of the red/white spotty thing either, I love it.
Hope you're having a lovely day ♥

Helen Philipps said...

Hi Wendy Lovely to meet you on my blog! Thanks for visiting and I loved hearing your thoughts on the things we both like. Helen x

Hi Attic 24 So lovely to find your comment today!! Just having a cup of tea in my red spotty mug right now. Love the little heart you used too! Helen x

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm going to stitch the Maison rouge sampler, but with a dfferent thread than red. Any suggestion for me? I'd like to use some kind of pink..
Huge thanks