Thursday, 24 June 2010

Memory Keeping

Now that I've started my own blog I realise what is so special about blogging. It makes you mindful of all the little things you look at and have around you, it gives you a reason to record them both for yourself and others to enjoy. So the sweet flowers in a jug, the beautiful berries in a bowl, the one gorgeous rose in a thrifted tea cup all have a new significance and meaning. It raises your awareness of all the interest and beauty around you which I thought, as a designer I was fully aware of already, but this has made me enjoy everything more.

I loved reading other people's blogs for a long time, and I love that each person's is different as their own character shines through. I wanted to share my love of crafts with others, and to have a place to add my own visual thoughts, but I'm truly surprised how it has enriched my view of my little world and the things that surround me. How it heightens the beauty I see each day as I take photos. Amazing.

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Attic24 said...

Do you know, this is the EXACT reason I am so drawn to blogging, that and the fact that I am making a record of our family life for my children to enjoy in later yrs.

Loving your blog, adding you to my blogroll when get half a chance..xxxx