Monday, 21 June 2010

Button Love

Bright buttons, pictured together with a project I made for a magazine, and part of my button collection looking like sweets in a colourful, shiny tantalising way. I became hooked on using buttons with my cross stitch years ago when I first discovered Mill Hill buttons which were hard to get in the UK at the time. Now I also love to use tiny pretty Just Another Button Company buttons to highlight a theme in my stitching, or to make a colour accent. Both makes of button are now easy to buy in the UK and many other firms produce similar ones too.

I also like to use good old plain buttons, in pretty colours, which you can get in big packs from crafts shops. Someone once gave me a relative's old needlework box which had lots of antique linen-covered shirt buttons and an ancient lozenge tin of mixed old buttons that were so evocative of the past and other people's lives.

The little cross stitch design features tiny rose buttons - it is from my book Cross Stitch Keepsakes which has plenty of buttoned projects.

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Sewmancer said...

Oh God! I think I'm salivating here! The buttons are gorgeous!