Sunday, 13 June 2010

I Heart Quilts

This is my quilt cupboard - that's what I call it anyway, as it's a place to store away some of the quilts I've made, but still see the fabrics. I made the heart from leftover scraps of patchwork fabric, a strip of selvedge and some cross stitch sampler motifs on white linen. I still love samplers, having designed and stitched a huge number over the years, but at the moment I like finding different ways to use cross stitch with other textiles. I mostly make applique quilts, or simple charm quilts made with small random squares. It's the colour combinations I most enjoy putting together - at the moment fresh and bright with a lot of white, in the past I was into dark and folk arty homespun quilts. I really like adding embellishments to my quilts, like patches and buttons and little fabric loops or bits of text or embroidery.

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