Friday, 18 June 2010

First Copy

There's probably nothing more exciting for an author than seeing their book in print for the first time. The other day that most exciting of padded-envelopes-with-publishers-name-on arrived in the post. Although I'd worked on the pages for months, going over the proofs by myself and with my lovely editor Lin, and although I knew exactly what was in this book - it was still thrilling to contemplate actually seeing it printed and bound as a proper book. I wasn't disappointed when I opened the packet - David & Charles Publishers had done a wonderful job of making my book look lovely. The team behind the D&C crafts books is full of talented people who contribute a range of amazing skills and I'm grateful to be working with them. For now I can just quietly enjoy looking through the book and remembering making the projects in it - the doll's quilt, the toy rabbit, the bunting...stitching, patchworking, sewing, drawing the step instructions and the templates and making the charts....I enjoyed it all. I'll write more about what's in Simple Sewn Gifts when it is published at the end of August.

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