Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sew Sweet

Hello! I have some sweet things for you today! First of all here is a gingerbread man tin - another in my series of syrup tin recycling. (I've used up the supply now and we're a bit tired of flapjacks!) This time a Christmassy one which is just right to store these shiny candy canes. They were a little surprise from Sarah a couple of weeks ago - she knows how to make her Mama happy! I love using them in my decorations every year, even though I rarely eat them myself, I just really love the way they look!
The little red and white striped sweet bags are some I sewed the other evening, after finding the fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show. It was exactly what I was looking for as I wanted to make the bags look like the old-fashioned red and white striped paper bags that shops used to use for sweeties.
 I made the bags very simply using rectangles of fabric sewn down one side and along the bottom and hemmed at the top. When you have filled the bag with your choice of sweeties - or other gift - you can tie it up with ribbon or ric rac, raffia or lace, whatever you have that looks pretty. I made the little tags with white card (and a corner rounder punch) and my favourite merry wishes rubber stamp. I also used some Christmas stickers from Doodlebug. ( The rubber stamp and stickers are from Handy Hippo.)
 I think my sweetie bag sewing was partly inspired by some of the gorgeous shop windows in York last week - just look at all the swirly colours in this sweet and sugary array of lollipops!
 In our house Christmas starts to appear all by itself at the beginning of December! Little Christmas things start to pop up in different places, cards begin to arrive, then the trees, the decorations....and suddenly it's here!
I love being at home this time of the year, and enjoy the cosy winter days doing my designs and making Christmas plans. Having family nearby means I often go for a walk to see them on a wintry afternoon, and it's lovely to come home through the chilly dusk and see the little advent lights in the windows.
I hope your days are cosy and snug and filled with sweetness and light!! x


Marigold Jam said...

Very pretty tin and love those little sweetie bags too.


Hazel said...

Love your tin! I never used to eat the canes much either until last year when I discovered they make the BEST stirrers in hot chocolate!!! You must try! I guarantee there won't be a single one left on the tree by the end of the season. xx

Teje said...

Dear Helen, thank you for a beautiful Christmas atmosphere! White and red are so sweet together...and with caramels!
I love that tin!
xxx Teje

Sarah Brooks said...

What a lovely post! You have really lifted my spirits and made me feel all Christmassy! Just gorgeous xxx Sarah

Naturally Carol said...

I have just found your blog and am having a lot of fun just looking around. I have put in a link from mine so I don't miss any from now on! Love the sweets.

Julie said...

how beautiful - I love the little gingerbread man tin and the sweetie bags are so cute - you've got my mind tick tocking as to what I could do with those tins,
take care - ju xx

Anonymous said...

Oh what a 'sweet' post Helen! Everything is so pretty especially those little stripy sweetie bags. Such a jolly little gingerbread man on the tin too!!
Have a lovely weekend and stay cosy!
Vivienne x

...Nina Nixon... said...

All those lollipops - like Willie Wonka.

I love your stripy bags - very festive and a perfect little gift.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Nina xxx

Jane said...

You are obviously a great Christmas lover like me Helen. I too just love this time of year. Your striped bags are very festive and perfect for the candy canes.
I have just got in from work and I'm about to bake my 1st batch of mince pies...mmm
Have a lovely weekend enjoying your crafts and family..perfect!
Love Jane x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh i love those little candy bags, sooo cute! I have a syrup tin I have saved, not sure what to make with it yet but you are fab inspiration :-)

Mia said...

Looking wonderful, Helen! I am wondering if the red-white would be even more beautiful than my very-traditional red-green? Hmm.... Tomorrow is our Day of Independence so blue-white will be on, but a little red here and there too already. I love December!!

Your posts make me smile :) thank you for sharing!


Connys Cottage said...


you blog is very very wonderful!!!!

greatings send you Conny