Monday, 6 December 2010

December Splash of Colour

 I'm loving the splash of colour idea started by silverpebble last month, where we post bright and colourful pictures at the beginning of each wintry month to brighten up the days until spring...This blue door with it's cheery wreath of red baubles was photographed in York. I loved its bright blue distressed look contrasting with the decoration. It was the door of an old building where a craft fair was being held....
 My second picture was taken in a cafe in Manchester about a month ago, just as the cold snap was beginning. We went over to see a friend's paintings in an exhibition  there but couldn't find the gallery at first so were walking along a very long Victorian street in a very icy wind when we decided to pop into a cafe for a warm drink and to ask directions. The bliss of entering this warm bright space and hearing the hiss of the coffee machines - and seeing so many bright tea pots all together!! We warmed up nicely, and found the gallery wasn't too far away...(and my friend's paintings looked great too).
And here is my last colourful picture - a Christmas decoration that I bought for my younger daughter - I was rather sorry to see it go after snapping a few pictures before wrapping it back up! I think it's quite sweet.
We have had an icy day here again, with white frost on everything, so the thaw of yesterday didn't last long. I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy whatever is happening weather wise where you are, and thank you for visiting me. Have a great week! x


Marigold Jam said...

I'm loving all these bright and colourful posts - really cheery on such a dark and chilly day. Those teapots are brilliant and I can almost feel the warmth in that cafe!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Helen!!
I love the blue door and the teapots are definitely very cheery.
I can see why you didn't want to part with the little deer! :)
Vivienne x

Teje said...

Beautiful photos, Helen! I love all teapots and especially colourful - so lovely sight with all the colours together!
Small Bambi is really qute!
xxx Teje

Jane said...

Thanks for the splash of colour Helen,they are lovely photos, I loved the teapots! Our thaw has continued but it's still so bitterly cold here.
Keep warm,
Jane x