Monday, 20 December 2010

Jingle Bells Bunny

Hello! I thought you might like to see this little festive creature today, and to have a glimpse of her being created. I actually began making this bunny a while ago. The pattern is a scaled down version of the Bunny Cuddles one in my book Simple Sewn Gifts which I showed you in an earlier post.
I wanted to make this one a girl bunny and as it got nearer to Christmas I decided a festive theme would be good....which meant a red dress, for sure...and maybe some jingle bells, and perhaps a little holly too?
               First she had to have pink spotty ear linings....and then she had to have pink starry pantaloons.

               And on her dress a corsage made from a green yo yo with a jingle bell in the centre.
She has bells on her cuffs and bells on her toes (is this reminding you of a nursery rhyme?) and I finally knitted her a little white woolly hat with a red and white spotty felt ball on the top, because it's so cold at the moment. I get very fond of the little toys I make and like to have them around the studio or on the mantlepiece, or on the dresser amongst the dishes. It's surprising how sweet they can look popping up here and there....This bunny may be given away though, to a special little girl when she's a little older and less likely to chew on the jingle bells!

It's really freezing here - not too pleasant temperature-wise. I hope you are keeping warm and cosy, or for those of you who live in warmer climes I hope you are just pleasantly warm! I send you lots of festive cheer, glowing candle light, warmed mince pies, mulled wine, sweets and treats - whatever your festive heart desires in fact! Hope all your lists are being ticked off and you can relax and enjoy the countdown...Back soon. xx


Marigold Jam said...

She's lovely! Lucky girl whoever she is to get her. Hope you are warm and cosy and not needing to go anywhere in a rush.


Jane said...

My husband just spied your bunny over my shoulder and said he would love her-LOL! What a cutie, I love her ears. I am managing to tick some things off the list; turkey in now in the fridge. Mind you in this weather it could be on the's SO cold and snowing here again this evening. Keep warm Helen.
Jane x

Crafts @ Home said...

She's lovely, every little detail thought about, I think I'd want to keep her forever :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, I am soooo incredibly smitten with your blog. The colors brighten my day. The red fabric is gorgeous as is the bunny. A wonderful gift any girl would love, even me!

Blessings for a Happy Holiday.
Hugs, Dani

Naturally Carol said...

From her pink spotted ears to her pink nose and little jingle bells she is as sweet as can her, Helen, she's a treat. Keep warm and cozy in that bright and beautiful house of yours with plenty of Christmas cheer!

Rubyred said...

Oh she's so sweet Helen!
Love her little outfit, adorable!

Very cold here, the snow is quite deep so we are not using the car at the mo. Will have to tomorrow though as we haven't bought the turkey yet!
Rachel x

Teje said...

Hi Helen, so sweet and lovely bunny! Lucky the girl who may have it! Would be so nice for 'bigger girl', too...
I love all the qute details you have thought and made with care!
We have wind from south and still very warm weather!
xxx Teje

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh my word she is just wonderful! Can she be made with hand sewing do you think - hhmm must learn to use thtat sewing machine this year and get your book!

Anonymous said...

Oh Helen she is beautiful!! It is no secret how much I love bunnies and this one is such a sweetie!
Lucky Daisy, when she's a little older!
It's freezing here, 11.20 am and it's -10C and it's supposed to go down to -16C tonight, brrrrrrr!!
Keep cosy,
Vivienne x

...Nina Nixon... said...

She is adorable and such a Christmas beauty.

Sending you warm wishes 'Merry Christmas'

Nina xxx

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

What a cute little bunny-girl! You're a real talent!

I have ticked almost all the boxes, still some food to pick up and some present to deliver. It's really cold here (and getting colder, at Christmas could be -35c), so I am enjoying indoors!

You also, stay warm and feel festive!


home made gorgeous said...

Hi Helen, what a lovely little bunny! She is beautifully made and I love her outfit, especially the pink pantaloons. Still have a few bits to do on the Christma list but have a day off work tomorrow so intend to do a bit of present buying and posting! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, love Sarah x

Mandy said...

Your posts are so cheering during this difficult weather time. Thank you! Much appreciated. :)

sylviesgarden said...

Oh I absolutely love her! She is so adorable. Whoever she is going to live with must surely love her.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.