Monday, 11 October 2010

Sew Retro

It was lovely to take a little time this weekend, to have a pot of tea and a browse through a pile of retro sewing books. A while ago a family friend who knew about my sewing love kindly gave me her mother's collection of Golden Hands crafts books from the 1970's, that she no longer needed.
I was transported back to my schooldays, remembering these hugely popular 'part magazines' filled with trendy knitting, crochet, embroidery, dressmaking and all kinds of other craftyness. Some of the photographs are wonderful, in particular the close ups of embroidery and knitting, so clear and colourful which I don't think had been done like that before. Although some of the text is dated, and some of the fashion shots gave me laugh-out-loud moments, there are lots of wonderful things in these magazines and they will be a great resource. I'll post some pictures from inside them soon.

Yesterday we had a power cut here - an electric cable had broken in the road and it took 'the men' hours and hours to find and fix the fault. So Mr P and I spent a restful evening by candlelight and firelight. No knitting or sewing for me though...sigh. The power came on again at 4.15 am!

I hope your week has started well! And I hope to be back here tomorrow and a bit more regularly this week too. x


Marigold Jam said...

How those Golden Hands photos took me back - I had all those magazines at one time but got rid of them when we moved. When we lived in France the electricy was often going off and we enjoyed some peaceful evenings in front of the fire by candlelight too. Not so good when it went off at lunchtime on Dec 25th though!


Anonymous said...

It really is fun to look at retro magazines! I recently found some old knitting patterns that belonged to an aunt, such fun! I must do a post on them some day just to let you all see them!
Have a good week Helen. :)

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

I love your polka dot mugs paired with the floral teapot! I get antsy if the power is out for too long. I can't knit and I can't use my much loved laptop!

driftwood said...

love your teapot and tray, looks like the perfect companion to all those lovely reads