Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Making and Baking

Today I am browsing through my cookery books for something to make for the family next weekend. I fancy something hearty that can be baked slowly all afternoon in the oven. Last weekend something new and tasty appeared on our breakfast table - I made some homemade granola and it was truly deeeelicious!
I've been doing a bit of classic white baby knitting this week - a little wrap over pattern for Daisy Dot - you know how a girl just needs a white cardi? This one has a flower to stitch on where it fastens, which I'm looking forward to making when I've finished the rest of it.
And this week I got a BIG pumpkin - it's the weight of a small child as I discovered when I bought it at the greengrocer's and carried it back to the car. I've been enjoying its chubby orange beauty but now it's time to turn it into a smiling lantern....and a LOT of soup!
                                     Have a great day and enjoy your baking and making too.x


Anonymous said...

Must be something in the air this morning, I'm about to bake too, I'm in the mood for a coffee cake!
That's a super pumpkin and your granola looks delicious!
Sometimes it's lovely to sit down and do a bit of gentle baby knitting. :)
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

HI Helen, so enjoyed your post today. Baking is so fun especially when baking for the family, no real pressure. The sweater sounds so adorable with the flower closure. The white yarn is perfect for your Daisy! Loving your pumpkin and time for me to make something from one, I have only carved a smilely face each halloween and then salted roasted pumpkin seeds. Have a delightful day. xo Robin❤

Unknown said...

Baby knitting is my very favourite sort of knitting, so satisfying. You have just reminded me of the two pumpkins forgotten in the boot of the car, I had better liberate them.

Marigold Jam said...

Lovely homey feel to this post. That fabric behind the knitting is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the finished cardi with flower. Must try out some granola - sounds and looks good. Hope you decided what to make - do you have a slow cooker? I love coming home to the smell of a slow cooked casserole.

Good luck with the pumpkin.


debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Hi Helen,

Daisy's cardi is going to be adorable. I have pumpkins waiting to be turned into Jack O Lanterns, but almost hate to carve their orange perfection. Have a wonderful weekend!

Teje said...

Hello Helen! Lovely post with the 'eergy orange pumpkin'! Pehaps I could find also energy for baking inspired by you! It's always wonderful to make babyknittings - they are so qute and quick to make!
Best wishes Teje