Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Crafty Work

I'm working hard today on several projects - a magazine commission, something for a book, a quilt and some papercrafts. I just love my working days. I feel rather guilty to be saying I'm working at all as I love it so much! It's a strange thing being a freelance designer and working from home. I've always done it, apart from when I first graduated and I taught design and drawing at a college, but even then I was building up a collection of textile and wallpaper designs to exhibit in Holland and France. Those exhibitions and the commissions and contacts I made led to me being able to go freelance.

When my daughters were small I used to sell through design agents who took my work to customers and charged me a percentage. They would contact me with new commissions, sometimes visiting me at home to talk through the work, with the children actually there too! I used to do designs sometimes at weekends and in the evenings, during nap times - just whenever I could, I managed somehow.
It even counts as work when I go shopping - looking for props, spotting new trends, absorbing the newest colours and being inspired and of course buying crafts materials....soooo much part of my work!!
Time to stop and get BaCk to wOrK now...Have a great day! x


Marigold Jam said...

Lucky you to have work you enjoy that you can do from home eh?! Love that cushion cover and the jar of buttons!


cathleen said...

Such pretty things you make! You sound so serene and content. Enjoy your day, Helen.

Anonymous said...

You're very fortunate to have work that you enjoy so much Helen!
Looking at your beautiful designs it's no wonder they're in demand. :)
Vivienne x

Hazel said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I feel very honoured. Love the cushion. I am really wanting to have a "homemade" house but it is taking a long time! Glad I found you. Very inspiring. xx

Sewmancer said...

Love your cushion and thank you for sharing your working life! It's great to get an insight into a creative job!

barbara said...

Helen I must tell you that your lovely New Book is now in a little independent bookshop that Snowy I walk past in the evenings called Can Do Books!

ps love that pink fabric with the little creatures ...

Teje said...

Dear Helen, I'm wondering around your blog and enjoying your beautiful crafts! How lovely cushion this sweet one!
I was so thrilled to find 'Nero' from your blog list! Thank you so so much! I do appreciate!
xxx Teje