Sunday, 18 July 2010

In the Vegetable Patch

I've always loved the sight of a kitchen garden with rows of vegetables slowly growing into their recognisable selves. I love the sight of beans winding their way upwards around bamboo sticks. The plant supports, trellis, canes and so on in a vegetable patch are part of the decorative effect I like so much. And the pots - the old fashioned worn looking terracotta pots. I was so inspired with vegetable patches that I included them stitched into my Garden Notebook.

This summer Mr P has planted lots of peas and beans and a few other things, in our vegetable patch AND remembered to water them during the extremely dry spell. They are growing strongly and taste delicious as well as looking pleasingly decorative to me.

The beehive is one of our compost bins. I got it from Wiggly Wigglers and it has worked a treat, making enough rich compost over the last year or two to improve our soil for this year's veggies.
Perhaps it's time to go out and collect a few more tasty pickings.

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