Thursday, 8 July 2010

Flower Quilt

The Flower Quilt is finished! I had had the idea for this quilt in my head for quite a while, as often happens with design ideas - they sort of simmer there until you suddenly begin to make them. I'd just designed a cross stitch commission using a Flower Power theme, and I'm sure that influenced the idea for this quilt. I wanted lots of bright applique flowers on a white background, and the white background had to be quilted quite closely to provide lots of texture. I used Bondaweb to applique the flowers, leaves, hearts and circles and blanket stitched round each one with matching embroidery thread.
The border is made from random rectangles of fabric echoing the flower colours and the binding of sprinkled flowers on red tied it all together the way I'd hoped. I like the way a quilt almost designs itself, developing as you stitch and changing as different fabrics are worked into it, becoming more substantial when the layers are sandwiched together, and then, as you finish sewing the binding - there it is -a new quilt.


Sarah Brooks said...

Beautiful quilt - love the colours you have used x

Unknown said...

Hi! very nice quilt!!! very nice colors!

I want to do a quit for my daughter and I don't know with what to start. Do u use a machine or you sew by hand?