Monday, 26 July 2010

Hydrangea Quilt

Now bound, finished and in use, the Hydrangea Quilt, as it became known over the weekend, is a new favourite. It echoes the colours of one of the hydrangeas in our front garden which has bright pink and lime green shades (see previous post), very different from the other kinds we have that are the more usual palest powder blue and marshmallow pink. They are all quite yummy in their own way.

As well as finishing my quilt this weekend, I did some garden tasks, like sorting out the poppy seeds from this big bunch of poppy heads a friend gave me. I left them in the kitchen to dry out all week, then tipped them into a paper bag to collect the tiny black seeds - also managing to broadcast vast numbers of them onto the kitchen floor. I swept them all up and will scatter them in the right place next time and look forward to loads of poppies next year.

I'll keep the dried poppy heads for decorations later on - we crafters have to think ahead.
Today I'm making something new for a craft magazine project involving lots of lovely textured card and some pretty papers - this will keep me busy all week. Enjoy your crafting too.

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cathleen said...

Oh, my goodness! I love this quilt of yours. So pretty! The colors are just so happy and remind me of spring time. I am loving your blog!