Tuesday, 23 November 2010

On A Little Trip

 Rather like these little festive folks, we are also looking happy and smiley and going on a little trip. It's Mr P's birthday at the weekend and in recent years we've gone on a short break, usually to a city, around this time. Tomorrow we're off to York for a few days.

I'll also be popping over to Harrogate to the Knitting and Stitching Show (it will be well worth a visit if you are near enough too).

Travel-wise we are rather hoping it doesn't snow although I'm sure it will look magical if it does! I'm packing my warmest clothes, my camera and some stars - or the pieces of fabric and so on to make them with. Yes, I'm still stitching stars and when I've got enough I'll be showing you what they were for...
Here is my Little Snowman, who I think looks a little anxious. I made him last year for a Crafts Beautiful Christmas project and he has been hanging around with the Gingerbread Boys recently.
Before I go off on my little break I must say a big thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed and visited my blog over the last few days. Thank you, thank you lovely readers! Have a wonderful week, keep warm and snug, and I will soon be back with lots of festive treats to share. xx


Marigold Jam said...

Have a great time and hope the snow keeps off till you get back. Enjoy the Kand S show - I missed it by one day at Ally Pally as we didn't get back from our trip to France in time!


Rubyred said...

Hello Helen,
have a wonderful time on your little trip! I do love York but I haven't been for years!Your little snowman is adorable!
It was lovely to read more about youb on your last post too!
Rachel x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little snowman! :)
Have a really great trip to York!
Vivienne x

driftwood said...

have a lovely time, don't show too many photos or I'll get terribly homesick.....

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Helen,
Have a wonderful time. So nice to get away and to go to a Knitting and Sewing Show. How grand! Can't wait for your next post. xo Robin❤

Teje said...

Hello Helen! I hope you have lovely time on your trip! I'm waiting what your beautiful stars will become...
The snowman is so qute - perhaps I should make one, because I miss a little bit snow!
Lucky you to go to that great knittig show!
Best wishes Teje

...Nina Nixon... said...

Have a fabulous trip and 'Happy - in advance - 'Birthday to Mr P.

Nina xxx

ps. I'm wishing for just a little snow. N xx

Jane said...

Hi Helen, as you know we had a wonderful trip to York last week, enjoy, it's so pretty at this time of the year. Wrap up warm. I love your snowman, they are so cheerful!
Jane x

Mia said...

Happy trip, Helen - stay warm!

I LOVE your snowman, such a cutie!!


Barbara said...

Hope you both have a lovely break, Helen, York and Bath were my favorite English cities ... and congratulations on your Beautiful Blogger award!