Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Merry Stitching

 As the shelves fill up with gorgeous Christmas magazines and the evenings draw in, I love to do a bit of festive stitching. Although it can be Christmas in my studio at any time of year, I like to make special small gifts for family and friends now in the evenings, beside the fire, and really enjoy the seasonal atmosphere.

The Red Bells Cushion appears in this month's inspiringly festive Crafts Beautiful magazine. I made it in the summer when the sun was shining and the garden was full of flowers. I also made a little card and matching cross stitch bell shaped tag for this project. I love creating little stitched tags - they're a great way to quickly add a handmade feel to any gift and they can be hung up as a decoration later.
 I received this sweet little book last week - that's my Mr and Mrs Gingerbread project on the cover, but it's not just me in this book,there are contributions by ten designers and a great variety of makes and ideas, beautifully presented. I love browsing through books and magazines during November, planning things to make and bake before the rush of December arrives.
 I bought some bright new crafts materials the other day and I have an idea for a gift to stitch involving some of them. I hope to begin this tonight and I'll show you soon! (It doesn't include all these pins though! I just bought them because I needed some extras, and they reminded me a little of snowflakes!)
              Wishing you all a lovely week, with bright sunny days and happy cosy evenings. x


Anonymous said...

Your cushion is beautiful and the little gingerbread people are cute.
It must be strange for you making Christmas crafts in the summer! I suppose one benefit of working like this is that you are probably on to the Spring now, I would enjoy that.
Looking forward to seeing the new creation. :)
Vivienne x

Hazel said...

Lovely cushion and tag! x

Marigold Jam said...

Hello Scrooge here - I wish that it were possible to buy a magazine that wasn't filled with Christmas over the next couple of months! Bah humbug! If you have read my alternative Christmas post you will know it's not Christmas itself I hate but the razz matazz that goes with it. However I do love your cushion and the little gift tag. I'm not really a miserable old fogey (I hope)!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Just got back from alittle shopping which turned out to be Christmas related, since all the shops are ready for us.......this is how I shop, one for you two for me!! I am horrible that way! Love your cushion, gingerbread dolls, and new supplies☺ xo Robin

Mia said...

I love gingerbread men so much - these ate lovely! Your creations make me smile, thank you, Helen!


salty pebble said...

beautiful crafts- sooo very inspiring and such a beautiful blog x thank you for your sweet comment on my blog x

best wishes kazzy x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

fab makes, may have to find that book to buy me thinks :-)

sweetmyrtle said...

love your wee gingerbread people. i have the book too and a few of our projects are in it. must start making my Christmas gifts soon or i shall run out of time. x