Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Buying Bulbs

Last weekend I decided I wanted to plant some tulip bulbs ready for next spring. I usually forget to do this as it's so far in advance! I have got some lovely tulips in the garden, but most were already here when we moved in and the others were a present from my elder daughter when she went to Amsterdam a few years ago!

I was amazed at the vast quantities of bulbs available - so many I hardly knew what to choose - or how many to buy, but I remembered planting a sackful of daffodil bulbs once so knew not to get too many at once or I'd be spending hours putting them in place later on.

In the end I bought 10 Heart's Delight, 7 Candy Prince, 10 Antoinette and 7 Christmas Dream - such pretty names and pretty colours. I decided to plant them in pots and have them near the house. It was a lovely sunny day so a bit of gardening was perfect.

I planted the bulbs in terracotta pots, one variety at a time, and put little labels on so I can see which do best for the future. A quick watering and that's it...

...If I can just keep the sneaky squirrels away we should have some pretty tulip pots to enjoy in the spring time. Hope you're having a great week. x


Marigold Jam said...

Good luck with your tulips - I love them especially with an underplanting of forget me nots! I read in the gardening section of the weekend paper that badgers will do anything to get them so guess we will have to forgo the sight of tulips in our garden!!


Rubyred said...

Hello Helen, I always forget to buy bulbs so how lovely to see this post to remind me!We do have daffs but they were planted before we moved in! My mom has a lot of squirrels in the garden at her house and she sees them digging them up! The little tinkers!The varieties you have chosen look wonderful!
Meant to say yesterday, the hexie quilt you made for your grandbabies is beautiful!
Have a lovely day!
Rachel x

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen
I spent Monday doing exactly the same thing! Something to look forward to in Springtime. :)
Vivienne x

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

The tulips you chose are lovely! You will be dreaming about them blooming when January rolls around.
Have you planted bulbs in containers before? I love this idea and may have to try it at my house.

Sewmancer said...

oh Tulips are lovely. I was in Amsterdam airport as a transit last week and they had amazing tulips bulbs the size of my head! I never realised they came in that size!

Teje said...

Hello Helen! You have wonderful blog and so lovely handworks and beautiful photos! I just 'came' so I go to read more...I'm happy I found you!
Best wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete Teje