Thursday, 30 September 2010

Apple Time

It's time to make things with apples here - the scent of apples from the kitchen kept reminding me whenever I left the studio this week.

 My little sampler, made a few years ago to welcome autumn, is standing on the dresser in the dining room and I remembered it too has little apples on it in the form of shiny red beads.

We've got eating apples and cooking apples, though I often cook with eating apples too - especially when they are not in perfect condition and have to be cut up carefully - much better to peel and chop them and put them in chutney!

The big green cooking apples are perfect in the crumbles I love to make (and eat) and I've put some in the freezer to have as weekend treats later in the season.

And there are still some to eat just as they are - an apple (or two) a day.

I hope you have had a good week. And a big welcome to all the lovely new visitors to my blog this week! x


Sarah Brooks said...

Love this have inspired me to make a crumble this weekend! Yum. Happy Autumn xx

sandra said...

Love reading about your lovely autumn apples while we prepare for our long hot summer. Your apples look so festive. I think I may have to make an apple cake on the weekend!

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Yum! Nothing smells better than apples being baked into a crisp or a pie. An apple cake is in my near future (this weekend).

Sewmancer said...

Crumble! That's genius!

Rubyred said...

Hello Helen, I do love an apple crumble, so comforting at this time of year! Your apples look lovely in the wicker basket!I shall be doing a spot of baking later, muffins I think!
Have a lovely weekend
Rachel x

Anonymous said...

At this time of year there is nothing like hot apple pie and custard! :)
Vivienne x

sweetmyrtle said...

i love apples and crumble is my favourite. lovely to find your blog and to 'meet' you finally. wishing you a happy weekend,
ginny x