Monday, 28 March 2011

Sweet Spring

The sky is blue, the sun is shining and spring has really sprung here! I have been dividing my time between the garden, design work, family and friends over the last few days....and this afternoon have been pottering with the plants a bit too long and must get down to some serious  work stuff this evening. But it's hard when the birds are singing out there and the blossom is blooming, and the flowers are so to make the most of it on a beautiful day....
Something else sweet came my way last week. I was given this award  by the lovely Carol at Naturally Carol. It's the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award -( how delicious it looks too)....... Do go and visit Carol's blog - it is always so happy and cheerful and filled with fabric-y goodness..... Thank you very much for the award, Carol.
In return for the award I am supposed to tell you four guilty pleasures...well, here they are:
one:  chocolate - you probably already know that one...  two:  working from home and never having that Monday morning feeling....  three: internet shopping - for books, fabric, yarn, pretty things, clothes, shoes.... four: gardening instead of working at the computer...feeling quite a lot of guilty pleasure today then!
Sewing in the garden - a non guilty pleasure is something I love to do whenever possible. I used to stitch cross stitch samplers in the garden all summer as the light was so wonderful to see stitching on fine linen. Now I'm doing a bit of patchwork for a magazine project, in some lovely flowery colours.
Thank you to everyone who visits me here and for your lovely comments. Have a wonderful week, filled with the joys of spring! Back soon. xxxxx


sylviesgarden said...

Congrats on the award! If you swap the sewing for crochet then we have the same guilty pleasures.

Becky J said...

Sounds like a heavenly day to me! You go and indulge yourself in those pleasures - I'm so envious!
Becky x

crafts@home said...

This weather isn't good for those of us who are self employed :)
Congratulations on your award, you really have the sweetest blog,
Sue Xx

Jane said...

You certainly do have the sweetest blog Helen, well deserved, many congratulations!The weekend was wonderful and even the promised rain stayed away. I cannot believe how light it is this evening with the clocks springing forward too!
Have a lovely gardening and crafty week.
Jane x

moonstruckcreations said...

A very well deserved award Helen, congratulations!

I too love to craft in the garden whenever possible - typical though: last week (Im in at work) lovely weather. Weekend - dull and grey. Today (back at work) sunny!!!!!!!

But bought some pots of seeds today - pumpkin and oregano (nice soup hopefully in the making!!) so will look forward to sowing them soon.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

A well deserved award as you really do have a sweet blog. :)
It's very hard to stay indoors when the weather is so lovely and I think it is best to enjoy it while it is here because the British weather can change very quickly!
I think chocolate has to be everyone's guilty secret. ;)
Vivienne x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

HI Helen, love all your gardening goodness! Everything looks so beautiful, clean and fresh. I'm glad you get to enjoy all this sunshine. I'm so happy you got this award because you truly deserve this sweet award. Hope your week continues to be bright and sunny even if it's cloudy. xoRobin❤

Jenny said...

A totally deserved award for a very sweet blog, I love coming to read your posts:) I have to say that our guilty pleasures are actually identical, haha! Have a lovely rest of your week, hope the sun stays shining, (though think we are forecast rain down here tomorrow - booooo!!!) xxx

harmony and rosie said...

Well done on your award, I think your guilty pleasures are completely acceptable and your gardening photos are very pretty. You should see ours!

Naturally Carol said...

So pleased to see you have accepted the award, you are so deserving of this...I love to come by and get my dessert of flowers and awesome projects and glimpses of your georgeous home! Thank you.

by Teresa said...

Dear Helen, thanks for sharing your sunshine with those of us in cold and wet climes. Our Spring is taking it's own jolly time! :-)

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

Simone said...

Your garden is so pretty Helen. I think I will take my cross-stitch and patchwork out into the garden this summer too! Lets hope that the rain stays away for just a little bit longer. x

Julia said...

Its a gorgeous time of year isnt it, I love being outdoors pottering too - thanks for sharing your lovely colourful pictures, very inspiring!

Julia x

gillyflower said...

Well Done on your award Helen - very well deserved!!
Your garden looks so pretty, bright and springlike.
Sewing in the garden is wonderful isnt it? For me its the other way round, the sewing in the garden is the guilty pleasure and the gardening the opposite!
Glad you enjoyed some time in your lovely garden.
Gill x

Teje said...

Congratulations Helen! You are sweet and your posts are always so sweet and delicious like that everyone's favorite strawberry cake! I can imagine how much you enjoy now in your sunny garden! Thank you for your joyful post! xxx Teje