Monday, 21 March 2011

Knitting, Stitching and Planting

 The title of today's post sums up a lot of what I like to do at the moment...first the knitting, lots of progress has been made on the blue fluffy cardi while chatting this weekend - it's so lovely, light and quick to knit too.
Stitching: well, this little Easter bunny toy was my project for this month's CB and was obviously made a wee while ago! I took a new photo of it - in fact several -  and here it is on the front cover of the magazine, in the top left corner to catch the eye and (hopefully) tempt you in! It is a funny thing to catch sight of something you made or designed on a shelf in a shop or supermarket...
 ...rather like spotting a familiar face in a crowd unexpectedly. I still like to see my designs appear when I'm out and about even after all these years...
 Planting: one of my most favourite flowers - violas. I picked these up last week - they have a rose scent and are called Rose Wing beautiful and fresh and delicate, I love them massed together and try to plant a few close together to keep that effect... the bottom of the garden is an old lead hopper, left from when the Victorian rainwater goods were replaced before our the spring and summer I plant different things in it each year, but this time some sweet violets have kindly planted themselves, so I popped a few violas in there too...
I'm loving this time of year - as I'm sure everyone is too - the promise of later, warmer spring and then summer in the garden is just so uplifting..seeing things begin to grow - especially now we've cleared away much of the winter leaf fall, and general debris left by the gales - is just wonderful...
I'm off now to continue stitching, this time for an autumn project!! It's a funny thing, being a designer - I do love all the seasons at any time of year!
I hope you all have a beautiful spring week, with sweet flowers all around and soft spring sunshine every day. Back very soon. xxxx


Naturally Carol said...

Your violas are very pretty...and they match your georgeous bunny so well!

♥coco rose♥ said...

Oh Helen What a bright and cheery post!

The colour of the yarn is such a beautiful blue. The bunny is gorgeous. I keep meaning to make one for Easter but as usual time is running away with me at a pace!

The Violas are such a sweet, happy little flower. I can feel the warm weather coming from your post. It is sunny here this morning and it makes such a difference!

May the sun keep shining for you this week!

Love Vanessa xxxx

Teje said...

Hi Helen! Your blue cardi is so inviting that I may reknit one mine which I love the yarn but not the model. Violas are also my best favorites - I couldn't find them yet here. What a sweet bunny you have made - so great to see it in the magazine!
Thank you so much for your sweet wowrds! xxx Teje
Ps. your link doesn't show on your comments.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Helen I do love the colour of your yarn, it's so pretty. :)
And of course I'm going to love your gorgeous bunny, it is so cute and I can imagine the thrill you get from seeing it on the cover of the magazine!!
Violas are just the sweetest little flowers, I always think they look like little faces!
Have a lovely spring week,
Vivienne x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh what a cute little bunny and lovely flowers! I managed to get my hands on one of your books and it arrived on my Birthday, how perfect is that :-)

crafts@home said...

Lovely violas, and your potting shed is still clean! are you sure your doing any gardening? lol...The bunnie looks gorgeous, it must be lovely seeing yourself in print every month :) Lets hope the sun keeps on shining all week
Sue Xx

Mia said...

Your work always makes me smile, Helen! The bunny has the most adorable face, and I can understand the thrill of seeing your work in magazine, and on the cover, wow! Your work is similar to fashion designers, you always need to be ahead the season :)

Happiest week!


Jane said...

What a sweet spring bunny and what a thrill it must be to see him on the front cover Helen! I hope you are not soon working on Christmas designs-LOL!
It has been such a glorious weekend for gardeing..those violas are most unusual with a scent...fab! Enjoy spring, it's officially here.
Jane x

Ali said...

Fab post - I love your photos always so fresh looking xx

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Helen, Loving all your spring fling in this post. The bunny is sweet and how amazing even after many years to see your work out and about. It must be thrilling and to hear comments too! The violas are so dainty, love the hopper, love to put flowers in all kinds of different containers. I am living through your beautiful surroundings, we are getting 7+ inches of snow again. Boo-who Thanks for your cheery post! xoRobin❤

Tabiboo said...

I do love your bunnies - all cheery and happy.

Hoppy Spring,

Nina xxx

Jenny said...

What a lovely bunny Helen, it's so sweet and perfect for spring. It's amazing to see your work in a magazine, not least on the front cover, very well done, and very well deserved! I agree with your designer comment too, seasons are always so mixed up. Last year I was sewing Christmas decorations in May, it just doesn't seem right, hehe! Enjoy your week with all your beautiful flowers xxx

Poshyarns said...

I love your bunny, I have been trying to come up with my own bunny but they have all been a little scary so far, yours is charming.

Becky J said...

I have this issue of CB and love the Easter bunny but didn't realise it was your design - so that's twice now I've thought 'someone's copying Helen's designs'!
Those violas are beautiful, I love plants that earn their place in the garden by producing a scent aswell.
That looks like lovely soft wool you're using. Looking forward to seeing the finished item.
Becky x

Frances said...

Helen, aren't violas beautiful! Every spring when I chance to see them, I just remind myself.

Your posts are also able to capture that magical mixture of chance, observation, and sophisticated design.


driftwood said...

I love coming here, there are always so many happy things to look at xxx

sylviesgarden said...

Such pretty Violas! They do look great all together like that.

Simone said...

Beautiful bunny, violas and cardi too!X

moonstruckcreations said...

Lovely photos Helen - it must be a real blast seeing your work on the front cover of a magazine!

The bunny is so cute!


by Teresa said...

Dear Helen, love love your colors in your blog and your violas.. adorable! Love your bunny.. I just finished a sock monkey and have it on my blog.. please pop over and see.

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

Michelle said...

love love love the bunny!
those flowers are so sweet - I want some .. but I'm not a gardener ;(

*✿*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*✿* said...

such a sweet post

the violas are heavenly and your 'famous' bunny is utterly charming, you are so clever.
i just adore your designs, the are so fresh and pretty.

oh, and i love that blue yarn! i shall be watching the progess of this gorgeous cardi

warmest wishes


gillyflower said...

Love the colour of the wool, it looks so lovely and soft too.
The violas are so pretty and delicate - i didnt realise they were scented too.
Sweet little easter Bunny - yes it must be odd but exciting seeing something you've designed on the front page!
Enjoy this wonderful weather!!
Gill x

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Helen, I love your posts they are so bright and cheery...the cardigan is gorgeous I love that shade of blue, and I am not surprised your bunny is on the front of a magazine!! Beautiful violas...I have exactly the same ones in my garden - I planted them in October and the flowers have remained all through the winter and they have spread too - I love them! Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about seeing your own work - it's like your own face in a mirror! And I can only dream on the highest cloud in heaven that i would ever have a potting shed as tidy as yours!! LOL