Tuesday, 15 February 2011


 Today may have been cold, grey and rainy here...but just a few days ago we had the most beautiful warm and sunny day, which was so enjoyable and uplifting...(The postcard here was one I picked up recently at an art gallery. I stood it up to have a look at it now and then as I passed by, and then I saw it illuminated by the sunlight streaming in, and the shadows echoing those in the picture...)
So on the special sunny day, which luckily was a Saturday, we made the very most of it by spending it outdoors...it was bliss to be able to potter in the garden and feel warm for a change...clearing away some of the dead wood that had fallen in the gales, cutting back, clearing leaves...and then planting fresh new primroses...the day felt full of spring!
 This bright little cushion is my project in this month's delightfully sunny Crafts Beautiful magazine...
 ...and this little spring tag is part of the project too, tied onto the little white birdcage and surrounded by the fresh and pretty new primroses that I'm loving soooo much at the moment....
And then I made some of these delicious Sunshine Bars - they are packed with healthy goodness and very easy to make - you don't even have to bake them - all that's required is a bit of measuring, some melting, a bit of mixing and pressing into a tin, then waiting a little while - and they are scrumptious! The recipe is here. Perfect to eat in the garden with a cup of tea on the first real day of spring!

I hope you are having some sunny times too - maybe not every day - but now and then! I'm looking forward to the next one right now! Thanks for visiting me here and for your sweet and sunny comments which brighten up my day. xxx


Teje said...

Hi Helen! I'm happy to hear you had lovely weekend and able to be in the garden! Your new projects are beautiful! Your crafts are always so sweet, happy and stylish!
Those Sunshine Bars look very delicious - I think I'll try them! I love easy recipes!
Thank you for your always sweet comments on my blog!
xxx Teje

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your little cushion is gorgeous Helen, even looking at the word 'Spring' makes you feel good! :)
It is great to get outside, I managed to get a bit of gardening done last Thursday as it was beautiful here. I'm looking forward to the next sunny day to get out there again.
Thanks for sharing that little recipe it sounds and looks good and I bet it tastes good too.
Vivienne x

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Helen, what a lovely bright Springy post! We did exactly the same at the weekend - cutting back hedges in the garden and getting ready for the warmer days - it was so nice to do that with a bit of sun shining...I love your primroses, and the cushion and spring tag is just adorable!! Thanks for sharing the Sunshine Bar recipe (what a fab name), they look really delicious(& they look so good on your Cath Kidston plate!) Sarah x

Vintage Tea Time said...

A lovely post - such fresh pictures! Not long til Spring now! Those sunshine bars look yummy :)

by Teresa said...

I am so inspired by your Spring-y things - the granola bars look yummy. Nothing like homemade yummies!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love yours too!

Teresa :-)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Helen, Loving all your Spring goodness and sunshine. We have had a little sun and warmth and then back to the deep freeze. But it has to start sometime! Those bars look amazing, a real tasty treat. Thanks for recipe link. Hope you are enjoying your week.
xo Robin❤

debbie said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for another cheerful and sunny post! You are really making me ready for Spring!

Naturally Carol said...

The first warm days are so delicious...then they will become more frequent and before you know it...there in all it's glory will be summer! Lovely work..I don't know how you keep producing it all.

Mia said...

Thank you for these happy and sunshine-packed images, Helen! It's a light morning here (yet freezing -30C) so we are definitely heading to spring too. Your work is so beautiful, too!


Pipany said...

I love the little cushion Helen. Spring nearly reached us yesterday, but it looks a little more wintery today. I guess it's early yet though and the day could change. Have fun x

Jenny said...

The sun is shining here too and the sky is blue - just about to pop to town to post some orders, so will enjoy the fresh air (it's forecast to be 'torrential downpours' later on though, so better make the most of it while I can!) Saw your lovely cushion in this months CB mag, looks great, so pretty and fresh! The recipe looks good too, will have to give it a go. Enjoy your day xxx

Tabiboo said...

The sun has been shining here again all day - I've been in the garden and have a slight tingle on my face.

It feels very good.

take care,

Nina xxx

Kathy Ellen said...

I just discovered your delightful blog this morning!

Living in Northeastern U.S., we have been bombarded this winter with an abundance of snow, so your lovely pictures of spring flowers are uplifting!

You have created so many special pieces of needlework, and I must try your Sunshine Bars recipe!

Simone said...

The primroses are so pretty. I have some primulas but I really like the delicate colour of the primroses - a true spring flower! Your tag is so pretty as is the cushion. Thank you for another sunny post. Not too much sunshine here but we are getting a little on most days. x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Just love your blog. So happy and bright!

We need a huge clear up in our garden. It might take a fair few sunny days to sort it out. Here hoping to that sunshine!


Ali said...

Lovely cheery post your photos are always so lovely and bright. Thanks for the recipe been in the garden today and could certainly have nibbled on one of those - lol xx

Jane said...

Hi Helen, Saturday was indeed a lovely sunny day...almost spring! I have so missed being out in my garden too. The daylight is also getting longer, all very welcome. Your little cushion is beautiful.
Jane x

gillyflower said...

The primroses look so lovely in the green polka dot bowl, and i love the spring cushion. Yes those mild early days in the garden at this time of year are special, a real tonic after the winter being stuck indoors - am hoping to do that, weather permitting, this weekend.
Sunshine bars look scrummy - must try them out!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
Gill x

a mermaids purse said...

oh your postys are always soooo bright and beautiful ;0)x
Spring is on the harizon wooooo
i love the primroses- wonderful creamy yoke colour!- im going to get out in my court yard garden today and sort out my pots- my sweet pea have grown and so have the gladiolli on my window...

best wishes, kazzy x

p.s love your coushion ;0)